Tuesday, 21 April 2009


This is the blog of a free market fundamentalist, a neoliberal, a cruel capitalist, or any other pejorative you can think of to describe someone who believes in a small state, a free market economy and paleolibertarianism. This blog will comment on domestic politics, economics (monetary and fiscal policy), foreign affairs and music.

I am a right wing libertarian. I would describe my politics as Thatcherism in the fast lane. In terms of social policy, I am culturally conservative, which forms the ''paleo'' prefix in my libertarianism. I am a monarchist. Economically, I am an advocate of the Austrian School. I believe in sound money. I advocate a prudent fiscal policy which entails controlled public spending, low taxation and an economic environment that facilitates business, large and small. I am an advocate of a partial gold standard and the abolition of the central banks. I am pretty much the junior version of Ron Paul.


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